Borrow an Urgent Payday Loan in 10 Minutes

Payday loan is a very fast way of borrowing money via the internet. This time no flash loan by SMS and the mobile phone, but just via the Payday site. You will find a slider with the amount of the amount and the duration of the emergency loan. Determine directly how much you want to borrow for how long. It is all transparent, flexible and fast. What else do you want.

Pay money online, quickly and easily online

The fast loan of green valley cash is very similar to the famous flash credit. The big difference is that the application for this loan does not take place via an SMS, but simply via the site of this company. Not the many paperwork and the many questions we know from the big banks. Everything is handled quickly and completely via the internet. The site says you are called within 10 minutes, but it can take up to 20 minutes before the money is in your bank account. Fast and this is possible 24 hours a day. The agreement and the transfer to your account take place completely automatically.

Borrow transparent and flexible money
On the site you can also view what you will have to pay back later. New customers can request up to € 300 for the first time. The term can be very short. It is your choice, at least 5 days and a maximum of one month. If you can redeem earlier, you can do so at Payday. Everything without penalty and therefore flexible.

Credit assessment of an emergency loan
There is a credit assessment, because Payday also likes to see his money back. Probably it is not BKR testing, but only an internal assessment within the own network, whereby existing customers can borrow more than new customers. After all, there is experience with existing customers. Existing customers can borrow up to 1000 euros at a time. Anyone who arranges for a loan on time or before will be able to take out a new loan again. Your reliability status will then increase further.

Conditions for the fast loan in 2017
The conditions for quick borrowing are:
You must have some salary. Variable or fixed makes no difference.
You have to live in the US.
Having an account with a US bank.
Pay the loan as agreed.
There are no problems with the credit check. A negative BKR affects the result, but does not mean an automatic no for a new loan.

Refund of the mini loan
Refund goes through the account on the site. Click on the button now under the active loan heading. This way you automatically reach the payment area. You can pay via iDeal or the traditional bank. You can also redeem the loan earlier without penalty interest. On the other hand, if there is an unavoidable change in your personal circumstances that you inform Payday in good time, it is often also possible to extend the loan by a maximum of one month.

Height of loan at Payday
Who is new can borrow a maximum of 300 euros, whoever is familiar with Payday can borrow 750 euros for a maximum of one month.

Conclusion conclude emergency loan at Payday
Borrowing money now is super fast. The emergency loan is similar to the SMS loan, but at Payday, everything runs entirely through the site. It can be calculated from case to case what can be borrowed and what it will cost. The money is also quickly in the bank account.