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Ontario Landlord Problems – Bad Tenant Trashed My Rental Property

September 1st, 2014 · No Comments · Landlord problems, Latest News, Ontario Landlords Association, tenant credit checks

 Ontario Landlord - Bad Tenant Trashed My Rental Property

An Ontario landlord in Peterborough Ontario finally evicted his bad tenant and found his rental property trashed!

Ontario landlords are getting used to reading about bad tenants. These are people who rent your income property and can cause you lots of problems and become major headaches.

These bad tenants don’t pay rent on time. Or sometimes don’t pay rent at all.

They don’t respect your property and can leave trash and damages behind when they move out.

Often bad tenants will bother other tenants and even owners in neighbouring properties. This can lead to lots of complications as many new condo landlords are finding out.

Bad Tenants Are Everywhere

We read stories in the Toronto Star about ‘Tenants from Hell’ cheating one small landlord after another who doesn’t screen their tenants carefully.

Or about tenants who admit they should have red flags and even go to jail.

However, many of these stories seem like things Toronto landlords need to deal with because many of the stories come from tenants in the big city.

Landlords in Towns and Smaller Cities Watch Out

The reality is many of these stories come from Toronto media who have most of their readers from the same area. They like to focus on Toronto-centric stories to sell papers.

We receive a lot of emails from small landlords across Ontario telling their stories of tenants who haven’t paid rent in months or who left the rental leaving the landlord with clean up bills of thousands of dollars.

The Ontario Landlords Forum is also filled with posts from landlords all over Ontario.

Peterborough Landlord – I Want To Evict My Bad Tenant

Bill Buchanan is a landlord with rentals in Peterborough, Ontario.

Last Spring one of his tenants simply decided to stop paying rent.

When Tenants Stop Paying Rent Can Landlords Evict Them Out Immediately?

No, not in Ontario.

The landlord started the eviction process with the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario.

Many new landlords think the Landlord and Tenant Board supports and assists landlords, especially in situations where tenants don’t pay rent.

New landlords think they are investing their hard-earned money and helping Ontario by creating lots of new rental stock.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case. It can take months to evict tenants and experienced landlords say that in Ontario “tenants have all the rights.”

It Took Four Months To Evict A Tenant Who Stopped Paying Rent

That’s right, four months.

Four months of not receiving any rent (and still getting mortgage bills, utility bills, and you have to still pay your property taxes).

It’s also expensive to file evictions forms at the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board. And this isn’t just for landlords who own houses, it also applies for landlords and investors who own condos.

Bad Tenant Trashed The Rental Property

After those four long months and lots of LTB Hearings the tenant finally left the rental property.

When the landlord went in he found the tenant had trashed the property. Everything from the plumbing to the windows were damaged.

The landlord saw a letter that led him to believe the City of Peterborough was going to financially help the tenant pay for moving to another rental.

How Can Landlords Avoid Bad Tenants?

Screening your tenants carefully is the key to being a successful landlord in 2014. This means you should also do tenant credit checks (and make sure you run credit checks the legal way from an accredited tenant credit check provider).

You can join the Ontario Landlords Association for only a low one-time registration fee and begin running credit checks on tenants for only $10 per check.

Ontario Landlords – Don’t let bad tenants owe your rent and trash your rental property.

Whether you own a house in Peterborough or a Toronto condo, make sure you know who you are renting to with careful tenant screening.

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