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Tenant Screening Ontario: How Bad Tenants Trick Good Landlords

July 1st, 2014 · 1 Comment · Ontario Landlords, Ontario Landlords Association, tenant credit checks, Tenant Screening Ontario

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The Toronto Star “Tenant From Hell” Is Fighting Her 7th Eviction.

How Do Bad Tenants Trick Good Landlords Into Renting To Them?

Last month we wrote about a Toronto landlord who is out thousands of dollars in lost rent, utilities bills owes, and property damages because he rented to bad tenants.

His tenants simply stopped paying rent, stopped paying bills for electricity, gas and water and when he finally managed to evict them they left a big mess behind.

He admitted this Mother and daughter team had tricked him into renting to them.

They seemed nice and explained they had never rented before so didn’t have any rental history for him to check up on.

Later he found out this wasn’t true and was stuck for the bill.

Oh, he also had to order the Sheriff which was another $300+ to his tab.

These bad tenants tricked him and ended up costing him thousands of dollars!

Tenant From Hell Facing 7th Eviction

The Toronto Star has a recent report on a person they refer to as the “Tenant From Hell”.

Why do they call this tenant that?

Because this tenant consistently finds small landlords, rents from them, and then stops paying rent.

At the same time all the ‘small repairs’ should promised to fix become major issues for the landlord because she calls the local Bylaw Department which serves the landlord with an Order to make the repairs.

This tenant then uses this to assist in delaying the eviction for months (even though she isn’t paying rent!)

How Do Bad Tenants Trick Good Landlords?

Both stories about landlords getting ripped off have several similarities.

Let’s go over some of them.

1. The Tenants Were Charming

Be careful of tenants who have well rehearsed stories to tell.

2. The Landlord Felt Safe Renting to Them Due to This Charm

Trust, but verify!

3. The Landlords Didn’t Run Tenant Credit Checks

A credit check reveals the cold, hard truth.

How Can Landlords Be Safe?

There are important lessons to be learned from these two stories. Let’s start with two of the main lessons every landlord should be aware of:

Lesson 1: Don’t Fall For Sweet Talk

First, never fall for the charms of a charismatic tenant with a good story and lots of promises.

It sounds easy, but in reality this is a tough one.

Why is it so hard?

Because landlords, especially small landlords, need to rent out their property to cover their mortgage. So when a well-dressed, well-spoken, polite and complimentary tenant comes along it seems like a dream come true.

It’s not only Ontario landlords who are getting tricked by sneaky bad tenants.

Even BC landlords are paying the price for renting to these smooth criminals.

And in the most landlord friendly province landlords are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars the same way.

One Alberta landlord lost over $100,000 renting to tenants who focussed on praising the rental house because it was so close to the local school for their son.

Lesson 2: Always Do A Credit Check On Tenants

Another similarity is neither landlord ran a tenant credit check on the tenants who eventually ripped them off.

A credit check would have proven to these small landlords that these tenants were not telling the truth.

While smooth talkers can spin convincing yarns on why you should rent to them, a tenant credit check will show you where they are really speaking lies.

The Ontario Landlords Association Helps Landlords Run Premium Credit Checks for Only $10/Check!

Ontario Landlords – Don’t Let Bad Tenants Trick Good Landlords (You!)

Make Sure You Do Tenant Credit Checks Before Renting To Anyone and Protect Yourself!

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