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Ontario Landlord Credit Check: Find Good Tenants And Rent To Them

June 1st, 2014 · 1 Comment · Ontario Landlords Association, tenant credit checks, Toronto landlords

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Ontario Landlords – Credit Checks Are The Key To Renting to Good Tenants

The post on the Ontario Landlords forum is important reading for landlords.

The Toronto landlord bought a duplex and rented out both the basement and the upstairs.

He was lucky to rent to some good tenants for the downstairs unit based on their “nice personalities” and a couple of phone calls.

However, this Toronto landlord’s luck ran out when he used the same poor tenant screening system for his upstairs tenants.

These are the tenants who paid higher rent.

The upstairs tenants put him through the process. Be warned this is the same process Toronto and Ottawa landlords can encounter as it is province wide.

He wrote at the Toronto landlords site:

“Two women who Fooled me. Mom and a daughter. They were evicted after not paying rent for 81 days and not paying utility bills.

“They fooled me by saying they’ve never rented before only lived with family.”

“I verified employment but not credit. My fault .”

“They lied 100 times and you should avoid them like the plague”

“Yes they are finally evicted – thanks for following the whole story.”

“Took 81 days and so much red tape.”

“Not only did I lose 3 months rent they have not paid their utility bills for the same amount of time. All utilities were in their name so luckily enbridge and hydro switched to my name the day they were evicted and I’m not responsible for any usage whole they were loving there. However, water is different. I am responsible for their water bill – it gets added to my property taxes. Doesn’t seem fair at all but those are the rules “

“In addition, I have to pay 900$ to re sand and stain the floors as they scratched them up so badly.”

How Can Ontario Landlords Avoid Bad Tenants?

This landlord only did an interview and an employment check.

That is not enough.

Smart Ontario landlords know doing a credit check is key.

An Ottawa landlord told him a tenant credit check shows the ‘true story’ about a potential tenant’s past.

You can see their credit score, previous addresses, employment and if they owe anyone money.

Ontario Landlords And Credit Checks

Don’t be fooled by tenants with nice smiles and nice stories. This landlord got of lucky since there are lots of Tenants from Hell out there as the Toronto Star reveals.

Always conduct a tenant credit check.

Join the Ontario Landlords Association for a one-time registration fee and do premium credit checks for only $10/check.

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